Some notes on bornological and nonbornological locally convex cones

  • Davood Ayaseh University of Tabriz
  • Asghar Ranjbari University of Tabriz
Keywords: Locally convex cones, Nonbornological Cones


Bornological and b-bornological locally convex cones have studied in [D. Ayaseh and A. Ranjbari, Bornological Locally Convex Cones, Le Matematiche, Vol. LXIX (2014) Fasc. II, pp. 267-284]. In this paper, we obtain new results on bornological locally convex cones and present an example of nonbornological locally convex cone. We show that the projective
limit of bornological cones is not bornological in general. Also, we present a bornological locally convex cone which is not b-bornological.

Author Biographies

Davood Ayaseh, University of Tabriz
Department of pure Mathematics
Asghar Ranjbari, University of Tabriz
Department of pure Mathematics