On nodal and conodal ideals in MV-algebras

  • Fereshteh Forouzesh
Keywords: a node, (nodal conodal obstinate semi-maximal) ideal, molecule


In this paper, we introduce the notions of nodes and nodal ideals in an MV-algebra and we define the notions of conodes and conodal ideals in an MV-algebra. We state some examples and theorems.  In addition, we investigate some relations between the nodal (conodal) ideals and some the other ideals of an MV-algebra. Also, we show that if I is a non principal nodal ideal, then A/I is an MV-chain. Moreover, we prove that if I is a conodal ideal of an MV-algebra A, then A/I is a semi-simple MV-algebra.
Finally, we construct algorithm for studing the structure of the nodal (conodal) ideals in finite MV-algebras.