Computing totally real hyperplane sections and linear series on algebraic curves

  • H.P. Le Sorbonne Universit√©, LIP6, France
  • D. Manevich TU Dortmund University, Germany
  • D. Plaumann TU Dortmund University, Germany


Given a real algebraic curve, embedded in projective space, we study the computational problem of deciding whether there exists a hyperplane meeting the curve in real points only. More generally, given any divisor on such a curve, we may ask whether the corresponding linear series contains an effective divisor with totally real support. This translates into a particular type of parametrized real root counting problem that we wish to solve exactly. On the other hand, it is known that for a given genus and number of real connected components, any linear series of sufficiently large degree contains a totally real effective divisor. Using the algorithms described in this paper, we solve a number of examples, which we can compare to the best known bounds for the required degree.