Some results associated with a generalized basic hypergeometric function

  • Rajeev K. Gupta
  • Shireen Tabassum
  • Amit Mathur
Keywords: Generalized basic hypergeometric functions, q-integral representation, q-gamma function, q-differentiation


In this paper, we define a q-extension of the new generalized hypergeometric function given by Saxena et al. in [13], and have investigated the properties of the above new function such as q-differentiation and q-integral representation. The results presented are of general character and the results given earlier by Saxena and Kalla in [14], Virchenko, Kalla and Al-Zamel in [15], Al-Musallam and Kalla in [2, 3], Kobayashi in [7, 8], Saxena et al. in [13], Kumbhat et al. in [11] follow as special cases.