Functional relations involving generalized H-function

  • R. K. Saxena
Keywords: Gamma function, Digamma functiom, H-function, Riemann-Liouville operator


A number of papers have appeared in literature in which certain functional relations associated with hypergeometric functions and Digamma function ψ(z) are derived. In order to unify and extend the existing results due to Kalla [7]. Kalla and Ross [9], Al-Saqabi and Kalla [1], Nishimoto and Saxena [12], Srivastava and Nishimoto [17] and Pandey and Srivastava [14] etc., the author establishes two functional relations between ψ(z) and generalized H -function due to Inayat-Hussain [6]. The results obtained are of general character and provide extension and unification of functional relations of various hypergeometric functions available in literature. Existence conditions
and computable representation of the H -function are also investigated.