Results and applications in thermoelasticity of materials with voids

  • Michele Ciarletta
  • Antonio Scalia


We consider the linear theory of a thermoelastic porous solid in which the skeletal or matrix is a thermoelastic material and the interstices are void of material. We assume that the initial body is free from stresses. The concept of a distributed body asserts that the mass density at time t has the decomposition γν, where γ is the density of the matrix material and ν (0< ν ≤ 1) is the volume fraction field (cf. [1,2]).

In the first part, in order to derive some applications of the reciprocity theorem, we recall some results established by same authors in [3]. Then we obtain integral representations of the solution and prove that the solving of the boundary-initial value problem can be reduced to the solving of an associated uncoupled problem and to an integral equation for the volume fraction field.