Subclasses of starlike functions associated with a fractional calculus operator involving Caputo's fractional differentiation

  • Gangaharan Murugu Sundaramoorthy VIT UNIVERSITY
  • K. Thilagavathi
Keywords: Univalent, Starlike, Convex, Hadamard product (or Convolution), Integral operator.


In this paper, we introduce a new class of functions which are analytic and univalent with negative coefficients defined by using certain fractional operators descibed in the Caputo sense and obtain coefficient estimates, extreme points, the radii of close to convexity, starlikeness and convexity and neighbourhood results for functions in this new class. In  particular, we obtain modified Hadamard product results for the function f(z) belongs to the new class in the unit disc.

Author Biography

Gangaharan Murugu Sundaramoorthy, VIT UNIVERSITY
Dr.G.Murugusundaramoorthy, Ph.D
Sr.Professor of Mathematics,
School of Advanced Sciences,
VIT UNIVERSITY, Vellore-632 014.
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