Subordination and superordination properties for analytic functions involving Wright’s functions

  • G. Murugusundaramoorthy
  • N. Magesh
  • R. K. Raina
Keywords: Univalent functions, subordination, superordination, Hadamard product (convolution), Wright’s generalized hypergeometric functions.


In the present investigation, we obtain some subordination and superordination results for the Hadamard product of certain normalized analytic functions in the open unit disk involving the linear operator introduced in [J. Dziok and R. K. Raina, Demonstratio Math., 37 (3) (2004), 533–542]. Several consequences of the results are presented. It is also pointed out that one of the main results (Theorem 2.8 below) provides a corrected form of the proof stated in two recent known results.