On the projective normality of Artin-Schreier curves

  • Alberto Ravagnani University of Neuchâtel
  • Edoardo Ballico University of Trento
Keywords: Artin-Schreier curve, projective normality


In this paper we study the projective normality of certain Artin-Schreier curves Y_f defined over a field F of characteristic p by the equations y^q+y=f(x), q being a power of p and f in F[x] being a polynomial in x of degree m, with (m,p)=1. Many Y_f curves are singular and so, to be precise, here we study the projective normality of appropriate projective models of their normalization.

Author Biographies

Alberto Ravagnani, University of Neuchâtel
Department of Mathematics
Edoardo Ballico, University of Trento
Department of Mathematics